Prayer with Worship

Why Is Prayer So Important?

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Written by Kimberly Dybeck Is prayer accepted as part of our faith because it falls in the category of being something spiritual? Do we accept prayer as important because it…

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Guarding Our Harmony Ephesians 1:1-6

1024 529 Cassidy Campbell

Written By: Cassidy Campbell, Intercessory Missionary with Mosaic House of Prayer Be faithful to guard the sweet harmony of the Holy Spirit among you in the bonds of peace… Ephesians…

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Preserve the unity of the Spirit

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As we have been preparing for the upcoming National Day of Prayer ignites Fire on the Altar with it’s theme of praying for “UNITY,” I have been pondering the meaning…

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A Call to Prayer

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The Great Southwest Prayer Center has been led to continue in a 21-Day Call to Prayer. We invite you and your congregations to set apart September 6 – 26 for 21…

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Transition, Humility and Prayer

1024 683 Stephanie Leggett

By Stephanie Leggett Director of Community Relations The Great Southwest Prayer Center Humility Our first President, the venerated George Washington, set an American tradition into motion when he stepped down…

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Daily Bread

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I was speaking to young man yesterday whom I’d only met briefly once before, he knew Mimi and I were serving as Intercessory Missionaries and was interested in my thoughts…

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Are you praying about it as much as you are tweeting about it?

1024 576 Erica McLemore

I was really convicted yesterday as our church staff gathered to pray at our weekly prayer time.  The focus of the prayer meeting was racial harmony and one of the…

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Is the news nauseating you?

1024 576 Stephanie Leggett

Is the news nauseating you? It is nauseating me. I can hardly watch the news or read the paper anymore because it causes me to either despair or get angry.…

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Up Close and Personal

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Submitted by Stephanie Leggett I recently went to the west coast for a vacation.  I visited family who are living in Carmel by the Sea.  It was magnificent.  The beauty…

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Someone Prayed

1024 576 Stephanie Leggett

The headline recently said that a United Airline pilot led a double life. Pilot by day, pimp by night. He led a huge prostitution ring with 6 locations across the…

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