National Day of Prayer ignites Fire on the Altar

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One event, two locations, three days.

Intense. Powerful. Amazing. These are some of the words used by those in attendance to describe the National Day of Prayer Event at the Merrell Center on May 7th, 2015. The unity was tangible. Very much like church, and yet nothing like church. Individuals came together across denominational lines. Across racial lines, across generational divides and they stood. They stood together. They worshipped together and prayed together. Not discussing their differences, but agreeing that God answers the prayers of a humble heart. Not seeking personal or political agendas, but asking God for His. Asking God to save our marriages, homes and families. We asked God for forgiveness. Forgiveness for our own personal failings, for the sins of our nation, and for the sins of our forefathers. We prayed wisdom, grace and discernment over our President, and leaders, both locally and nationally.

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Mr. Alton Frailey spoke about the wide diversity of the Katy ISD, (there are 96 languages spoken in the district!) and he prayed for the leaders of tomorrow. Pastor Gbolahan Faluade told us that ‘Hallelujah’ is the only word that is the same in all languages and led us to pray for the persecuted church by praying “Your kingdom come, and your will be done,” (Matt 6:10). We heard prayers from Pernell Hill of KSBJ, Jim Leggett of GFUMC and Worship Pastor Chris Jones of The Commons Katy blew the Shofar. Pastors Jerry Edmonson, Wallace Henley, Tim Barker, Jorge Cardenas and Brenda Martin all led prayer sections while the popular Christian Worship band All Sons and Daughters led beautifully in worship.


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And that was only the first two hours. For another 48 hours, churches and ministries from all over the west Houston/Katy area brought teams to continue the worship and prayer, one after another through the night, both Thursday, and Friday nights. Friday morning local Christian Radio station, KSBJ did a live broadcast from the lobby of the Epi Center on Mason Road. Morning show hosts Bill and Coppelia invited people to stop by and spend a few minutes with God and people came. A thousand people came, some of them more than once, to seek some rest and peace. Some asked for prayer, some offered prayer. Some stayed a few minutes, some stayed for hours and hours. But all who came received a gift from Chic-fil-A!

The final two hours was a powerful encounter and fitting culmination to 3 days of worship and prayer. Worship leaders from 6 different churches joined together and led worship to represent the unity that we long for in the greater Katy church. The prayers were led by local pastors in 4 languages. Tolani Akingbade opened by praying for repentance in English and Yoruba, a Nigerian Language. Pastor Roy Meadows, of Westland Baptist Church, prayed for the pastors of Katy and for God to do a new thing here. Father Dat Hoang of St Faustina Catholic Church prayed in both English and Vietnamese for mothers and families. And Pastor Jeff Dietz of Grace Fellowship, Norte prayed the closing prayers in both English and Spanish praying for the persecuted church worldwide. Nobody left the same.


FOTA 2015 closing celebration