Praying the Alphabet

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Sometimes I don’t know what to pray

Times of sorrow

Times of confusion

Times of joy

Times when sleep won’t come

Times of overwhelming love for my Savior

Times like this morning…

And so I pray through the alphabet, reminding myself of the character and nature of my Lord.  Sometimes I pray His Names.  Other times it is a random word and I think how it relates to the Lover of my soul.  Sometimes it is all of the above.

Almighty…Nothing is beyond Your power

Beautiful…Nothing can compare to your beauty

Comforter…Your Holy Spirit, alive in me

Deliverer…You alone have delivered me from the enemy

Encourager…When my faith is weak You bring hope

Faithful…You are always the same

Good…Your goodness is extended to all who will receive

Holy…Holy, Holy, HOLY is Your Name

Invisible…You are unseen but always present

Just…there is no partiality with You

Kind…Kindness is expressed in all You are

Light…Your light will never be extinguished

Messiah…my Lord and Redeemer

Nocturnal…You never sleep and never slumber

Omnipotent…You are All-Powerful

Provider…Not even a flower of the field lacks your provision

Quiet…in the midst of the storm you quiet my soul

Rest…true rest is only found in You

Strength…when I am weak I am made strong in You

Trustworthy…You are the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow

 Unending…You are timeless.  There is no beginning or ending with You.

Victorious…You are victorious over death, hell and the grave!

Worthy…You alone are worthy of all praise

X-Ray…like an x-ray, You see what eye cannot see

Yes…You are yes and amen

Zion…my final home, that You have already prepared for me

Father, I thank You for being my Almighty, Beautiful, Comforter.  I thank You for being my Deliver and Encourager.  You alone are Good and Holy.  Even though You are Invisible and I cannot see You, I know You are with me.  You are Just and Kind.  You are the Light of the world.  You are Messiah, God with us.  You are not a man that needs to sleep, so even in the dark of the night You are caring for Your children.  You are the essence of Power, and my Provider.  You are the Quiet and the Rest in the storms of life.  You are Strength in my weakness.  You are completely and totally Trustworthy.  You are my Victorious Savior, Worthy of all my praise.  You formed me in the secret place and nothing is hidden from you.  In You I find my purpose and direction. You lead me in the perfect way and say “Yes, my child”.  I am eager to spend eternity with You, for I love You so.  Amen