Testimony from a Prayer Room Intercessor

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One of the positions growing in the Great Southwest Prayer Center is the prayer room intercessor. A Prayer Room Intercessor is helping to build a wall of prayer by either engaging in the prayer and worship that is being offered from the platform or by personal intimacy with God through prayer and Bible-reading during that time slot. They are committing to set themselves in the place of prayer in the Great Southwest Prayer Center to help release the kingdom of God on the earth as it is in heaven. (Isaiah 62:6-7, Matthew 6:10, Matthew 18:18).


Testimony from Shannon:

About a year ago God began revealing to me my spiritual gifts! The first of these was intercession. I really didn’t know this word or know much about what it meant except what I had experienced first hand as a recipient of Soul Therapy (Freedom and Healing ministry in the GSWPC). Intercession means to mediate or negotiate for something; to intervene in prayer to God for another person or situation.

The day God revealed this to me, I was enveloped by his love and overwhelmed that my Great and Mighty God called me to cry out for others, that He really wanted to hear my prayers, that my voice mattered.

All my life I’ve talked too much and said the wrongs things. A few years ago, my grandfather chastised and warned me about my sharp tongue, and a year and a half ago, a friend had pointed out that I needed to prayerfully read James! Wow! God wanted to sanctify and justify and make my words righteous for his good purpose. I was reduced to tears as I sat in the prayer room and absorbed all I could understand at the moment of this revelation.

I was and am so blessed by this calling! At first family members didn’t understand how I could go and pray for two hours especially since it’s hard for me to even sit still for that long!

Over the last year, God has blessed me beyond words. Even today work was stressful and my husband said to me, “You’ll be at the prayer room soon and will be refreshed.” So it’s evident now, to all, how powerful it is to be in the presence of the Lord, praising him, basking the power of the Holy Spirit. Refreshing indeed! I am at home in the Prayer Room: My heart and mind sing and dance and wave colorful banners high for his Glory!

I want to mention too that God has stretched me and taught me about discernment and how it is used by Him to help me intercede for people that he puts in front of me.

I’m forever changed and love that my Abba Father calls me to sit in his lap to pray for others.

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  • Christine Baker

    Thank you so much for that testimony Shannon. It so inspired me.

    I believe God is calling me in that very same direction.
    Prayer has become the focus of my life. I know God hears our cries and so desires to answer them.

    God Bless The Great Southwest Prayer Center.