Power of Prayer

The Heart Changing Power of Prayer

The Heart Changing Power of Prayer


Prayer is powerful. Prayer is powerful not because there is power in itself but rather because the One we are praying to is All Powerful. Prayer is the means of communication by which we participate in relationship with the Creator God. We talk, He listens; He talks, we listen.   Through this interchange of talking and listening, God begins changing things.  He begins changing situations, atmospheres, nations, hearts.  He begins changing OUR heart.

When we pray outside of ourselves, the Lord begins changing our heart.  He gives us a heart transfusion and we begin seeing situations and people as He sees them.  We begin sharing God’s heart for them.  He will even begin opening up opportunities for us to BE the answer to those prayers.  One of the prayer leaders in the Great Southwest Prayer Center shares how prayer has changed her heart and the opportunities the Lord has opened to be the answer to those prayers.

“Praying for the nations has helped me to see the necessity for interceding before God beyond my own needs. The heart of God is for every tribe, people, tongue and nation to know Him. He desires to restore every area of our lives, which glorifies Him. Our prayer is for churches, ministries, ministers and leaders to be used by Him. He, not only, has given me a heart to pray for the nations, but has prepared and orchestrated circumstances that allowed me to be His ambassador. Recently, I was given the opportunity to share His Word in different events throughout the world.” – Esmeralda

When we talk to God in prayer about different situations and people, He begins to show us how He sees them, how He feels about them, and He begins to change our heart to reflect His.  As we pray for the nations of the World, the nations God loves, our hearts become softened toward them and towards people we have never met.