The Power of Prayer In the Divine Providence of God

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I am writing to encourage you and your prayer life.  Below is a link that has greatly encouraged me to pray.  It is meaty theology, as well as rich prayer fire stoking!  It made me think of the last 7 days of the national call to prayer called 777; or last night’s Solemn Assembly; or those quiet times when I’m alone with God–and the magnitude of holy reverberation happening in Jesus’ Throne Room moving Him and the army of heaven to act.  Wow.

This is link is long, so if you only have 4 minutes, listen to the spot at 31.40 minutes through 35.00 to be provoked toward desperate prayer.  It’s really, really, really good!

Lord, my desperate prayer is that all the prayers that are gathered before You in the golden bowls, would You–in Your great love, tip them over and release great mercy toward Your people.  Awaken us God.  Would You release a day of vengeance today over the atrocities of sex-trafficking, abortion, and idolatry.  Lord, release justice swiftly.  God, today, save souls in our families, in our city, in this nation, and in the nations, God, I plead.  I ask God with all that I am let today be the day of spiritual awakening and revival.  Do not leave us to ourselves.  Intervene, Lord.  I ask according to Your will, for the glory of Your name.  Amen.

I leave you with my favorite part, “God has not called us–in prayer– to watch history, but to shape history for the glory of His Great Name!”

Blessings upon you as you shape history for the glory of God!